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Omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses

Bizzy aims to help ecommerce brands make more of an impact in fewer emails with an algorithm that looks at how often a customer purchases products to determine when they should receive an email.


The average ecommerce shop manages 11 email lists, 7 social channels, and 3 ad networks. How can we make it easier for the businesses to reach their customers.


Create a way to help businesses know where their customers are in a purchase cycle, so that they can better manage their marketing and convert more sales.


We created an easy to use interface to visualise complex data, helping businesses to know in which funnel their customers fall into and how to reach them.

Design Process

The dashboard has a lot of nested data divided by funnels and segments that are needed to be grouped in a way users can easily see how their businesses perform.


We would like users to focus on one thing at a time when they are using the dashboard. We found that the funnel messages is what users care about most, so we organised the page layout, sorted the metrics in groups, making sure everything important is easily accessible.


We also designed a commercial site for Bizzy to help promote the product. The design is kept clean with CTAs throughout the page. Some elements on the features section are animated to spice things up.

Caleb is an extraordinarily talented designer. He was very quick to understand our product requirements and delivered pixel perfect designs. He is reliable, on time, on budget, and most importantly always open to feedback. What we thought was going to be a single project has since evolved into an ongoing relationship and we feel very lucky to have him as a part of our team!

Chiara McPhee