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Track the teams, individuals and brands impacting outdoor sports

Maxer builds stronger partnerships and enables smarter campaigns by directly connecting brands and people across activity, geography, gender, ethnicity and more.


Sport brands sponsor teams and individuals to help promote their businesses. Currently it's difficult for brands to discover and evaluate the influence of these athletes.


We created a MAXER algorithms allowing brands to easily track and evaluate performance for their sponsored teams and individuals by their MAXER Score.


With the maxer score tracking system, leaderboard and detailed athlete profiles, sport brands can now easily identify and reach out to their potential influencers.

Design Process

One of the most challenging part was to design the maxer leaderboard. We'd like to give all athletes a fair chance to be discovered by potential sponsors. We needed to figure out things like content structure, filtering system, ranking system and what not.


On Maxer, you can create an account by simply connecting to one of your social media platforms. Upon signing up, you will be able to see and track your performance, compare yourself to other athletes on the leaderboard. The platform also offer insightful articles, sport news and more.


The overall design is simple and intuitive to use. We're offering a platform to help athletes promote their sport career and brands to connect with their influencers.

Caleb was the best decision I made to help build and kickstart my startup. As a product designer, he is quick, creative, and responsive. He knows how to push back when necessary - challenging your thinking and ideas - while embracing your vision. I plan to continue using Alphaio for future product builds.

Collin Tate Crowell