Big News! We've just launched our internal project, Clascity, the ultimate knowledge sharing platform.


Everything You and Your Phone Desire

ScreenWorks is helping thousands of people and their phones live a long and happy life together! An engineer in the making? Buy the parts, play the hero, fix the phone. ScreenWorks also resurrect, revive, and restore your phone to it’s previous glory.


Many people have had 1 or 2 broken devices, instead of throwing it away, ScreenWorks is there to take care of it for you.


The system should allow people to very easily filter and look for their device with suggestions to either fix it or sell it.


With screenworks, you can now make your device look better, learn a thing or two about it and make it more useful even if it's broken.

Design Process

We first worked on the site map and the UX flow. Moving step by step, we created a full wireframe interactive prototype on invision to help us get the idea across.


We partnered with Rockeyboy to create a set of illustrations and icons for the site. It gives the site a lot more visual pops, bringing the brand style to the next level.


We divided the website into 3 main sections. Once you've selected your device, you'll be able to easily navigate through different areas via the sidebar area in the inside pages.